Fire Escape Installation and Repair

Improve your building's fire safety and keep your property within regulations with the fire escape installation and repair work of Chicago Fire Escape Repair, Inc.. We serve commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers in Chicagoland with professional fire escape construction.

Let Fire Escape Phil and our team of experts help you to keep the occupants of your building safe and spare you the potential of fines related to fire safety. For Chicago Fire Escape Repair, Inc., safety is the highest priority and we know safety is important to our customers. We operate with the same urgency you have to ensure the safety of your building in a timely fashion.

If you need a fire escape repair or a new fire escape construction, give us a call now at 312-942-0103 and let us get to work.

We Offer

  • Fire Escape Fabrication
  • Fire Escape Repair and Removal
  • Custom Fabrication Services
  • Safety Inspections

Professional Fire Escape Design and Fabrication

Chicago Fire Escape Repair, Inc. constructs fire escapes for all types of buildings. No matter the purpose of the property, whether residential, industrial, or otherwise, we can help you to meet regulations and equip your building with needed fire escape features. Count on us for sturdy, well-built fire escapes that will make your building safer.
Building painter painting metal fire escapes - Fire Escape Services in Chicago, IL

Fire Escape Repair and Removal

A broken fire escape won't help to protect the occupants of your building and it could even prove to be an additional hazard. If you need fire escape repairs or need a fire escape removed, we are the people to call. You can rely on us for a timely repair or removal.

Custom Fabrication

We are not limited to fire escapes. Our skilled metalworking team can build custom fencing, handrails and more. If you need railing or similar equipment, give us a call at 312-942-0103 and tell us about your needs. Our welders and technicians have served this area with the finest workmanship and excellent products for over 10 years. Let us put that expertise to work for you.

Why Choose Chicago Fire Escape Repair, Inc.?

  • Long History of Expert Service to Large Firms
  • Competitive Pricing
  • We Offer Friendly Customer Service
  • We Work with Your Schedule to Meet the Needs of Your Business