Fire Escape Experts

For over 10 years, Chicago Fire Escape Repair, Inc. has assisted the business community in Chicagoland with their fire escape repair and maintenance needs. With service from skilled welders and an experienced staff, we help property owners to keep their buildings safe and well within mandated fire safety regulations. If you need a new fire escape or fire escape repairs, our team will provide the quality product and friendly service you need.
At Chicago Fire Escape Repair, Inc., we pride ourselves not only on our fire escapes, but the excellence of other metalwork products as well. The talent and experience of our team allows us to produce a variety of custom fabrications, like steel fences, railings and stairs.

Fully-Committed to Safety

Safety is our expertise and our lifeline. You can count on us for safety inspections, careful examination of your fire escapes to discover an potential problems, expert fire escape repair, and more. With service from Chicago Fire Escape Repair, Inc. your building will be put in the best condition to keep occupants safe and meet safety regulations.
To get more information or request a service estimate, give us a call at 312-942-0103.