Fire Escape Repair and Maintenance

For over 10 years, the talented welders and technicians at Chicago Fire Escape Repair, Inc. have provided Chicagoland with professional fire escape design, installation, and repair services. Businesses across all sectors, from commercial and municipal to residential, have come to know and trust us for solid products built with integrity and expert repairs that ensure safety. Our company is dedicated to effectively preparing buildings for a fire event and ensuring that our customers' buildings meet regulations and pass inspections. If you need a fire escape installed, or if your fire escape is in need of repairs, give us a call at 312-942-0103.

Fire Escape Design and Installation to Meet Fire Codes

If you have received a fire safety citation for the state of your building, we are the solution to your problem. Let us design and fabricate for your building that will allow you to meet established guidelines and improve overall safety of your property. Our company has been in the fire escape construction business for a decade and that expertise shows in every one of our projects.

Call us now at 312-942-0103 and avoid any future citations.

Fire Escape Repair

Does your building have old or damaged fire escapes? It is time to invest in safety and limit the possibility of catastrophe with fire escape services from our hard-working welders. From simple broken step repair to complete renovations, we are equipped to handle any and all of your fire escape repair needs. By nature, fires and other accidents can happen without warning, so it is always best to be prepared. If your fire escapes are not in the best shape, do not hesitate any longer. Call 312-942-0103 for a fire escape repair estimate.